Established in 2002, PJSC «OPIN» is one of the leading real estate development companies operating in Russia. PJSC «OPIN» is focused on the development of master-planned multi-format residential communities and the operation of high-quality commercial properties in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Having completed nearly 200,000 sq. m of commercial space and 500 ha of developed master-planned communities, today PJSC «OPIN» is a well-recognised brand in the domestic market, known for the market-leading quality of the projects it delivers. Through its property expertise and successful track record, the Company’s strategic goal is to become aplatform for the consolidation of assets in the real estate industry in Russia.


12 May 2016
Для клиентов ОПИН первый взнос по ипотеке от ВТБ24 снижен до 15%

Специально для клиентов девелоперской компании ОПИН первый взнос по ипотеке от банка ВТБ24 снижен до 15%* от стоимости квартиры. Согласно условиям специальной программы, процентная ставка по кредиту составляет – от 13,75%, а срок кредитования – до 30 лет. 


11 May 2016
Аналитика ОПИН. В Подмосковье цены на новостройки выросли на 2%

21 April 2016
ОПИН получил статус «Серебряный партнёр» Сбербанка

In November 2004 PJSC «OPIN» was successfully admitted to the RTS stock exchange and since then has carried out five secondary public offerings, raising nearly US$2 billion.

The Company’s majority shareholder is ONEXIM Holdings Ltd, a major private investment group in the CIS region with a diversified portfolio of assets in mining, real estate, financial services, media, energy production and high-tech.

As of 31 December 2015, PJSC «OPIN» total assets were RUB36.8 billion comprising predominantly of residential developments, land bank. In 2015 PJSC «OPIN» recorded total revenue of RUB1.9 billion.

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A deluxe-class, low-rise residential communuty of 69 ha with well-developed physical and social infrastructure in Moscow Region’s Istrinskiy district, just 14 km from the Moscow Ring Road and only 4km from the Novorizhskoye highway, neighbouring Velednikovo village.