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Situated 22 km from Moscow by Dmitrovskoye highway in the Mytischi District, the premium-class Pestovo estate sits on the scenic banks of Pestovo reservoir.

The estate covers about 129 ha, of which 50 is woodland.

With its own marina and yacht launch, the estate enjoys access to a truly unique range of features, including 2.5 km of reinforced embankments, waterside promenades, a beach, and additional ponds and lakes. It also benefits from comprehensive public facilities and recreational areas, including an ecopark, golf club, and ski slopes. Lomonosov private school is also conveniently located nearby.

Project commenced: Q2 2005.

Market launch: Q4 2005.

Expected completion: 2011.


Located on the banks of the Pestovo reservoir just 22 km from Moscow and accessible by Dmitrovskoye highway, Pestovo estate has seen a surge in popularity over recent years. 

There are several reasons for that: the surrounding area still retains the wild beauty characteristic of the Moscow Region; with its mountainous landscape, and access to a large reservoir. The estate is also well-positioned for access to the best sports and entertainment parks and resorts in the Moscow Region. 

Pestovo is a mere 4 km woodland drive from the Dmitrovskoye highway. 

Many cottage communities seem desolate in winter. In Pestovo, however, life is not subdued by the colder months, but instead reaches its peak. 

Sledding and snowmobiles, unparalleled winter fishing, and ski tours through the surrounding snowy woodlands. For lovers of winter sports, the best alpine resorts in the Moscow Region are but a stone’s throw away. Thanks to advanced technologies, winter sports can still be enjoyed on piste as late as spring. 

The estate is surrounded by a huge tract of protected woodlands (over 100 ha), which cannot be found in such abundance in other parts of the Moscow Region. 

The cottage estate has access to Pestovo reservoir. 

Yacht owners will appreciate the estate’s modern launch facilities, which can accommodate yachts of up to 25 meters. There is also a promenade with a beach of 1.5 km . 

A long-standing hotspot for city residents keen to take advantage of the area’s natural beauty, the area is a popular choice for swimming and sunbathing And now you can become a homeowner in this much sought-after area.

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Estate infrastructure:

  1. Shopping and administrative center – 1300 sq m
  2. Yacht club – 3500 sq m
  3. Granite promenade – 2,5 км – completed
  4. Moorings for 27 yachts – completed
  5. Harbourmaster’s office
  6. Kindergarten/family club – 420 sq m – completed

Total area of estate infrastructure 5 220 sq m

The surrounding area offers numerous leisure and entertainment options accessible by the Dmitrovskoye highway.

In Detail

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For more information about Pestovo, please contact us on:
+7 (495) 221-22-44

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