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Meyerhold Center

An A-class business center with a total usable area of 8,900 sq m conveniently located in Tverskoy District of the Central Administrative Okrug near Novoslobodskaya metro station.

Domnikov Business Center

A new multi-functional office complex located in the center of Moscow, commissioned at the end of 2009. Domnikov is one of the few business centers in Russia which truly complies with international A-class office standards.

Pavlovo Podvorie

Pavlovo Podvorie is a unique project in the Moscow Region real estate market. A shopping and entertainment center occupying 15 ha, this is one of the largest infrastructure facilities in the Moscow Region.

Arkady Raikin's shopping centre

Shopping centre project named after famous Russian comedian Arkady Raikin located at 8 Sheremetyevskaya Street in Moscow.