Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance Division, Legal Department:
Antonina Litvinova
Head of Corporate Governance-Corporate Secretary
Phone: (495) 363-22-11, доб. 24-12

Account Details

Details of Issuer’s current account to pay for making copies of Issuer’s material fact reports, copies of registered issue (follow-on issue) decisions, prospectuses and additions and/or amendments thereto, issue (follow-on issue) reports, copies of issue (follow-on issue) notices, copies of quarterly reports, and copies of other documents the disclosure of which is mandatory in accordance with the respective instruments of the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation

Details of Issuer’s current account
BeneficiaryPublic Joint Stock Company "Open Investments"
Beneficiary’s BankOJSC JSB ROSBANK
Correspondent account30101810000000000256
Reason for transactionFee for making copies of documents to be produced

Fee for making a copy of one document page is RUB 6.90 incl. VAT

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