Corporate Governance

PJSC “OPIN” is committed to maintaining the highest international standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

The Board of Directors includes INEDs, as required by corporate governance best practices and stock exchange rules.

PJSC "OPIN" is committed to shareholder and investor education and complies with all statutory disclosure requirements.

Corporate governance practices are based on the principles set out in the Code of Conduct through the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation.

PJSC OPIN’s corporate governance principles:


The Company aims to disclose accurate information in a timely manner on all material facts pertaining to its activities, including: financial standing; operating results; and shareholding and management structure. We also ensure that this information is accessible to all stakeholders.


PJSC "OPIN’s" Board of Directors is accountable to all shareholders as required under current legislation.


The Company undertakes to protect the rights of shareholders and to maintain their equal treatment. The Board of Directors ensures that all shareholders have access to timely recourse in the event of infringement of their rights.


PJSC “OPIN” acknowledges the rights of all stakeholders under the relevant legislation and strives to cooperate actively with them to increase shareholder value, price of its shares and other securities, as well as stimulate job creation.


PJSC “OPIN” takes the issue of confidential and insider information very seriously. With this in mind, we have adopted the Statute for Communications Policy and Insider Information, intended to prevent any unlawful use of insider information and market manipulation.

The Company has also made provision for effective control over financial and operating activities to protect the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders. To this end, the Company has established an Audit Committee under the Board of Directors and a Review Commission.

In addition to improving corporate governance, the Company focuses on developing both its corporate culture and efficient external and internal communications.

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